Safety Center Sacramento: DUI School Review and Tour

Safety Center DDP

On Friday, 6/8/2018, I spent the morning at the Safety Center DDP’s (Safety Center) main office at 3909Bradshaw Road Sacramento, CA 95827. The facility is quite large, encompassing several buildings andhas ample free parking. The Safety Center offers more than just DUI classes. They offer classes forSenior Drivers that may help to lower the cost of insurance, Motorcycle Training classes and more. For

today, we’ll just be talking about the DUI classes available.

The Safety Center has schools at three locations in the Sacramento area and two in Yolo County. TheSacramento area schools are located at the address listed above, one in Citrus Heights (6 & 9 monthFirst Offender class only) and one in North Highlands. In Yolo County, there is a school in WestSacramento and another in Woodland. Cost varies by length of class and payment options are available.Saturday classes and classes in Spanish and Russian may be offered at some locations.

DUI classes vary in length.

For First Offenders, the court can order a person take:Wet Reckless Program (12 hours over 6 weeks) [only if case resolved as Wet Reckless]First Offender Program (30 hours over 3 months) [.08 up to .19][Sacramento .08-.14]First Offender Program (45 hours over 6 months) [Sacramento-BAC of .15-.19]First Offender Program (60 hours over 9 months) [Chemical Test Refusal & BAC of .20 or more]

For Multiple Offenders, the court will order:SB38-Multiple Offender Program (18 months)*If the Offense is resolved as a Wet 2nd , the 60 hour, 9 month program may be ordered.

All First Offender programs consist of Education and Group components designed to cover a widevariety of subjects.Education consists of six classes:1. Intro and Effects of Alcohol & Drugs on Driving2. Impairment of Driving Abilities, Skills & Judgement3. Substance Use Disorders4. Effects on Body and Health5. Effects on Individual, Family and Society6. Create a Change Plan to Prevent Impaired Driving

Group consists of nine to twenty six classes:1. Thoughts and Feelings Affect Actions2. Effects of Alcohol & Drugs on Driving Behavior3. Changing Decisions Leading Up to Your DUI4. Coping With Stress5. Values and Decision Making6. Effective Communication7. Developing Resilient Relationships8. Setting Goals for the Future9. Sustaining Change10. Overcoming Obstacles to Changing Behavior11. Strengthening Your Social Support Network12. Using Family Strengths for Problem Solving13. Reconnecting with Your Family14. Listening with Empathy15. Cultivating a Positive View of the Future16. Focusing on Your Vision for the Future17. Making Decisions to Prevent Driving Under the Influence18. Coping with Triggers and Cravings19. Gaining Support of Family and Friends20. Problem Solving in Relationships21. Creating a Recovery Plan22. Building Personal Resilience23. Becoming Your Ideal Self24. Developing Resources for Sustaining Changes25. Making Safe Driving Decisions26. Learning from Relapses

*Multiple Offender Programs include much of the same except that the last six months consists of just amonthly face to face with a counselor.